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Experiential Office Design

Our goal is to reach healthcare practitioners who are expanding their practices and/or looking to grow a brand identity while creating more impact for their patients through positive experiences in their practice.

Our background is in healthcare facility design,  Our team has worked on or completed by ourselves over 520 office designs (specifically in Chiropractic, but have completed Dermatology, PT, ENT, and Dental). 

Focusing on:



✔️How the systems of the practice effect the layout

✔️reducing ones overhead through proper space allocation

Since then we have created immersive experiences and pop-up environments for Heineken, Jack Daniel’s, Geico, ESL, Macy’s and other large brands in the retail and event space.

Because of this experience working with top brands in America along with so many healthcare professionals we want to bring the 2 expertise’s together and get doctors to create more transformational experiences with their patients, to in turn:

Improve the healthcare industry in our nation. 

I Truly believe this can be done by better connecting doctors with their patients and doing do in a way that truly creates impact in a patients life.  And I strongly believe a lot of this can be done through proper environment.


🔥🔥🔥🔥Without the proper space, you will FAIL 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Image by Robert Bye


✔️Creating a brand identity for the practice

✔️setting up brand guidelines

✔️Properly designing the facility to maximize impact and have patients connect with the brand

✔️Have patients feel at ease

✔️Interior Design to reflect the brand identity

All this while ensuring the Environment (Front desk, workstations, etc…) Enhance and support the doctors:


✔️Save the doctor time

✔️Conservation of time and motion

Allowing the doctor to:

✔️Reduce overhead

✔️Increase patient retention

✔️Create a brand

✔️Do more in less space (reduce overhead)

✔️Better train staff and have an environment that actually works with their systems and practices.

✔️Have a roadmap to their long term goals.

With all the workstations being built so they can be added to, expanded, rearranged, and taken with the doctor when they grow into their next space.

Image by Micheile Henderson


Our main focus is to Recreate the way a doctor (or any business owner) thinks about their growth and achieving their goals.  And all of it comes down to ensuring the space supports and enhances the doctors goals.
Our package includes:
-Analysis of the business’s needs (patients, services, billing, reception, personal space, studio space,
-Helping to create the vision and direction the practice is heading (and doing the math and calculations to best determine the type of space and amount of space required to carry it out)
-Floorplan which will reflect whats needed to be built
-Initial construction management
-Experiential Design (3D modeling of the space, specifically in the impactful areas (reception, treatment room workstations, studio for content creation, personal office, etc…)
-Interior design with a set of brand guidelines to use in all marketing efforts.

Image by krakenimages

We replace the need for:

✔️75% of what an architect does
✔️Interior designer
✔️Marketing company to build out brand guidelines and colors
✔️Basic system building and coaching

Let's Roll!

I've Read enough, I'm intrigued and need to learn how to get started!

I don't want to continue to have an office that drives me crazy, is outdated, doesn't function right, and has my staff work poorly.

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