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Get Informed

How does the process work?

We have tapped into what we know works and has proven to save our clients time from our experience in Offices and Events to create a super simple process.

Check out our getting started page.  All we ask to get started is to Fill out our wish list (Which will tell us more about what you are looking to accomplish, or where you feel stuck in the process) , upload photos of the space as it is.  Give us a basic width and depth of the room, as best you can!  We will gather more specifics later, and that’s it!  We will hop on a quick call to learn more about what you want.  Present you with a proposal and then get designing!

What exactly do you do?

We handle everything except electric and plumbing!  We work in your existing room and can handle everything from the design, any custom built pieces, props, décor, and paint.  Any woodworking is done by our in house carpenter team and we design everything to be done as quickly as possible.  Where another contractor may have to be in your house every day for a week, we strive to push for 1-2 days maximum, to reduce impact to your life!  Give us a room, and we will transform it into a room with impact  (Experience? Impact…  something like this)

Do I need to use you for everything?

NO! not at all.  You can use us JUST for the design and creating a concept and then you can handle the rest.  OR if you prefer to use someone else for painting, not a problem, we will just remove that from the super-itemized list you will receive from us after the design process is complete.  Our goal is to provide a one-stop-shop for all your redesign needs, but applaud homeowners who want to get their hands dirty and put in that sweat equity.

How do we get started?

Fill out our wish list HERE and it will take you step by step.  Remember, the more info you give us, the more productive on our first call we can be! 😊

I Just have no idea what I want! HELP!

That’s where we can step in and have built out design resources to help spark ideas.  Check them out HERE

How does your guarantee work?

Our designers have worked with some of the top brands in the nation and some large healthcare practices, so we feel so confident in our abilities we know you will love it!   However, the guarantee works like this. 
After you get started and pay your initial deposit (which is the design fee)  You can decide to not continue and request a refund up until the point we show you the first design.  However if we continue with the design process beyond the initial offering because you love a concept and just need a few small tweaks to make it perfect, then that is acceptance of a job well done and you are no longer eligible for a refund.   We also don’t demand final payment of the project until you are 100% satisfied, leaving you in control the entire time!

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