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Getting Started!

Getting started is easy!  No need to stress if you do not know exactly what you want.  Don't stress if you don't know your "style"  Our team is here to help!

Breakthrough Homes

Making an IMPACT in your home



Our team has heard countless times that people just don't know what to do, what style they want, etc...  

Our designers and team members will guide you through what you need functionally out of the space and then narrow down styles and designs through a SUPER SIMPLE process.

Changing a space should be FUN, Not Stressful!



Once we know what's needed out of the space, and have landed on a design approach, the team will create the strategy behind getting it done!

Planning all the trades, required build items, etc...

Built Ins v1.jpg


You cant know its what you want until you see it!  Our team not only has completed entire room renovations in less than a single day, but that wouldn't be possible without the accurate 3D rendering to make it happen.

Our designers will render out the space with this end goal in mind:

When you walk into the completed room you will say: "OMG, it looks like the rendering!"  We can receive no greater compliment



This is the stage where we get it all done, in a faster more efficient way than almost every company.

We wont waste time in your house, we understand that disruptions and changing a space can be stressful, so the shorter amount of time we can be in your house, the happier you will be.  We build everything in our shop, pre-plan everything possible, and come in ready to execute efficiently.

We are used to loading in entire pop-up stores in 1-2 days, a single room in a home is a cakewalk ;) 


You can sit back and enjoy.

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