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Our Mission

To design and develop spaces to give businesses the chance to reach their clients more effectively and make longer lasting connections, all while bringing their lives to new levels.

Everyone's talking about growing their business, increasing sales, marketing, and increasing production, right? We all know that you cant  grow your business if you can't operate efficiently and implement what your coaches teach and what your business goals necessitate. However, what almost no one understands about business is the concept of Experiential Facility Design. It's not just designing a pretty office space, or renting more space, or adding more staff members to help you simplify your daily business practices or gain you more time. It's design with an expert focusing on your business goals and the experience you want your customers to have. Our experts will give your facility the foundation and groundwork it needs to get you and your business operating at 10x levels with lower overhead, less stress, and more time throughout the day to focus on what's important to YOU.

Others have a Practice. We help you build an Institution


Image by Joshua Earle



Some clients know exactly what they want and where they are going.  Others need help along the way.  We have resources to help select a design theme in minutes, and a team to help find out exactly how to put into words what you want.

Image by Startaê Team



Our designers have over 500 offices of experience to lean on, and will show you ways to achieve your goals.  Through:
Efficiency, Proper Flow, First Impressions, Staff Interaction, Systems, Processes, and make it all come together in one simple to execute plan.

You will finally be able to see how a highly effective office works and how it ties together with all your business goals and teachings.

II-VI entrance render.jpg



This is where the 3D rendering and visualization begins so we can ensure everything works before cutting wood and swinging hammers.  We will not recommend anything unless there is an exact payoff an Return on the Investment and unless we know it will WORK 

Office Space



Build plans, color palettes, front desk, modular workstations, electrical layout, etc...  Now its time to take all the planning and build it into something that will deliver unprecedented care to your patients in an environment you can be proud of!

And most important:  You now have the model to expand and dominate your market.

Who else can offer that!

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