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Your Next Production Partner

Finally, a full-service production partner who is with you from the very beginning to the very end. No more worrying about meeting deadlines or client expectations, We've got that handled! WE ARE FABRICATORS. WE ARE BREAKTHROUGH PRODUCTIONS, and we will get it done!

Committed to Excellence

 Since the beginning our company has now grown into a team of artists, carpenters, designers, painters, and builders who work on projects of all types.  Between the team we have completed over 100 theatrical projects, multiple 2-5 semi-truck scenic tours, Large scale and small-scale scenic build outs, corporate theater stages, touring photo kits, multiple pop-up stores, and more custom bars and experiential events then we can probably count!  Our team of designers and craftsmen have  managed and produced hundreds of experiential events and our team works with multiple creative agencies to help bring the overall project to life, lending our expertise of building to the creative vision of the brand.

JTI Cafe 2.png


All great events start with even better Creative.  Our team can help support projects that have already been designed and produce shop drawings to refine the designs and get a handle on the specifics that will be built, or our team can handle an idea from the ground up.



Every event needs a fabricator behind it that understands all the varying factors that can effect a budget.  The only thing that can teach this is years of experience.  Our team has more than century of experience when it comes to producing all kinds of events.  We  have the battle scars to prove it!


Project Management

Whether you are looking for just fabrication or for us to handle everything from creative to execution, project management is critical.   Communication, Alignment, and Results are onyl 3 of the 6 factors you need to consider

Past Projects

Some of our favorite


Jack Daniel's

Touring Kits- New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Austin, Tennesse, Denver

Our client was looking for a set of "toolkits" allowing them to sponsor events in as small as a 10x10 space upwards to entire 1000+ sq ft VIP spaces at festivals, Engineered for outdoor use, modular in design providing ultimate flexibility and ROI, These kits have been on the road for 3+ years now.  Kits reside in NY, TX, CA, GA, KY, FLA and have visited MANY more states.

This Is Story

Macy's New York City

We LOVE partnering with This is STORY to build exciting and surprising custom elements when the flagship NYC store is refreshed.


ESL Gaming Tournament

Atlantic City

Building out stages and integrating all of the lighting, LED walls, and other technology is one of the reasons we love working with ESL.  They are always upping their stage game with the latest in Lighting and video technology.

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