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Project Management

Ok, You have the design, its being built, Whats next?

Breakthrough ahs the experience to execute your event pretty much anywhere in the USA.  We have worked in catering halls, convention centers, empty warehouses, City comemrcial real estate, stadiums, and in large open fields.  Each has their own uniqueness's.  Our team can take the burden off of you and handle all other aspects.

IMG_3788 2.JPG


Get it setup in as efficient way possible exactly as planned.



How is it getting there, where is it being stored between events, what happens post event, We handle all aspects of the logistics to ensure it arrives on time and under budget.


We will handle where the items go in between your kick-ass events!

Screwing Around.jpg

Coordination with show runners

Every event typically has another agency that manages the experiences on the ground.  We can handle engineering, brand ambassadors, coordination onsite, permits, etc...  Whatever the project needs!

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