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Past Events and Projects

Some of our favorites!

We put together a number of previous projects showing different types of projects, different levels of involvement, and ones we had a LOT of fun being a part of.  This is only the beginning of our portfolio, give us a call or email to learn more about how we can help bring your next project to life.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 10.08.40


Design Refinement, Fabrication, Labor, Logistics, Project Management

We created an entire Japanese Zen garden inspired by Arizona's Green Iced Tea. Inclusive of real Koi fish! Upfront was a 99cent bodega style store and a hidden back door allowed participants to explore a secret garden in this SOHO pop-up.



Fabrication, Crating, Logistics, Design Refinement, Engineering

Our client was looking for a set of "toolkits" allowing them to sponsor events in as small as a 10x10 space upwards to entire 1000+ sq ft VIP spaces at festivals, Engineered for outdoor use, modular in design providing ultimate flexibility and ROI, These kits have been on the road for 3+ years now.  Kits reside in NY, TX, CA, GA, KY, FLA and have visited MANY more states.



Engineering, Design Refinement, Fabrication, Execution, Maintenance

If you've seen a concert at Forrest Hills Stadium, hopefully you've had a drink at our bar, built from the ground up for StrongBow Cider.  3 years strong!


Perrier Jouet Airport Pop-up

Fabrication, AV, and more!

We built this detailed display within Miami International Airport, complete with integrated lighting and video screens.

Enjoying DosXX.jpg


Build, Labor, Logistics, Project Management, Graphics, Games

We have helped DosXX with many events.  Our favorite was the mini- College football playoff tour, 3 bowl games and the championship game all in one short month!


Swisse- Wanderlust

Engineering, Layout Design, Fabrication, Signage

An outdoor touring event which hit ten cities!  Small enough to pack into one truck, large enough to feature 2 custom water features, living walls, Pergolas, Shade structures, pedestals, outdoor TV and Media.


Teavana- Tradeshow

Fabrication, Crating, production Management

A full tea bar designed to break down and reassemble with ease for deployment in trade shows and pop-ups!




We partner with AV companies to build out stages and screens that are tricked out with LED screens and fixtures for maximum impact


EBAY @ adweek nyc

Design, Fabrication, Project Management, Execution

We created an EBAY neighborhood as an interactive place for EBAY to explain their data analytics software and capabilities.



Scenic painting, Store Fixtures, Labor, Logistics, Project Management, Lighting, Staging

An exciting themed pop-up in the ehart of Brooklyn in time for the holiday shopping season.  Every wall was a photo moment and a trip to the clouds.  Complete with integrated monitors to simulate flying through the air and an Infiniti cathedral effect for photos.


Full Swing

Design Refinement, Engineering, Fabrication, Setup

4500 sq ft tradeshow booth equipped with second story, lounge area, closing room, 4 individual simulator sheds, storage, and Signage that could be seen from anywhere in the convention center.

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