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Third Party Validation

Our main goal is to create 86.4 million impactful experiences.

And we can NOT do all of that work from just our own shop.

Our team is taking our years of expertise and bringing that to YOU.

TO YOU In order to help you MAXIMIZE your budget.

TO YOU so you work with the RIGHT partner.

FOR YOU to be able to accomplish what you DREAM up.

THAT is the way we can create IMPACT on a larger scale.

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Imagine if your budget can go further because you knew WHO you were working with.  Had 100 questions answered on every vendor, and an in depth analysis done to show each vendors strengths and weaknesses.
Your event would:
✅Reach more people
✅ Save you time in the process to execute

✅Have the right partner for the project

✅Be based off of true data to select a partner and not a gut feeling

Image by Aleksandra Boguslawska


Our experienced team will do the dirty work for you.  Once we understand what you are looking to accomplish and who you are considering working with, our team will begin working on an in depth analysis and report on each potential partner.

We've been on the side of being hired with someone asking us for only a W9 and for a proposal.  No additional questions asked, No reputation check or request for references.  We always found it odd. There are companies out there not as honest and not as well put together.  Companies that are fly-by-night... But their website looks awesome.

We've seen it backfire on clients in the past and here to help the industry GROW and come back from the pandemic with a lions ROAR.



Imagine if someone else can be alongside you with behind the scenes experience.  Experience in all the good and bad that can be facing a vendor when executing an in person event.  Someone who can pose questions you never even thought of.  An ADVOCATE on your side to ensure you get the maximum IMPACT from your event and MAXIMIZE your budget dollars.

Someone who has seen it all, and had to solve the complex issues that arise while producing an event.



You will get an in depth analysis ranking every single partner and calling out each strength and weakness on the team you are selecting.  So you can make a TRULY informed decision.

A Decision so your client can feel confident that a third party is validating the process and providing a 40+ page report on the companies you are considering.

Make a decision on DATA not speculation.

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If you aren't ready to schedule yet, but want us to reach out and answer questions, fill out the form below!

Thanks for submitting!

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